Accelerated Orthodontics

If you want to improve the look of your smile, but the thought of spending years in braces makes them seem out of reach, you may be a candidate for accelerated orthodontic treatment. Dr. Arbit offers treatment designed to speed up your tooth movement — often up to 50%! Accelerated orthodontic treatment is fast, safe, and easy, and it allows you to finish your orthodontic treatment and achieve your desired smile faster.

Vibrating Appliances

Vibrating acceleration appliances are lightweight, comfortable, and hands-free, and are used for about 20 minutes per day as a complement to traditional braces or clear aligners. The gentle vibrations created by the appliance accelerate the movement of your teeth as guided by your orthodontic treatment.

Light-Based Appliances

Light-based appliances use advanced technology called photobiomodulation (which is based on Low Level Light Therapy, known as LLLT) to stimulate the bone that surrounds the roots of teeth and facilitate tooth movement. These appliances gently deliver energy directly to the bone and tissue around the roots of the teeth.

Similar to plants and photosynthesis, the tissue can absorb this light energy and convert it to chemical energy. This stimulates the cells for faster bone and soft-tissue regeneration and faster tooth movement.

Surgical Procedures

Dr. Arbit can also use minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO)™, to help your orthodontic treatment progress more quickly. These procedures are often done during your regular appointments and don’t require any recovery time.

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