Jamie Boehlke

“Dr. Arbit and his staff are wonderful. They are pleasant, down-to-earth people who explain the process every step of the way. The office atmosphere is always upbeat and positive. And, the results are amazing! The entire staff is dedicated to client-satisfaction and treating people with kindness and respect.”

Elyssa Anne Mullings

“Dr. Arbit and his staff made the process of getting braces on and off simple, easy, and fun! When I first came in at age 15, I was extremely nervous to get braces. However, my anxiety quickly disappeared when I was welcomed into the office with huge smiles from everyone. Dr. Arbit is kind, gentle, and can strike up a conversation at a moment’s notice. The office is clean, well kept, always smells of freshly brewed coffee, and is always full of the most current magazines to read. For younger kids, there are arcade games to play while waiting in the lobby to ease nerves and have a little bit of fun. From the first consultation to having my braces removed, to periodic check-ins today, Dr. Arbit became more than just my orthodontist, he is now a part of my family. My smile is absolutely perfect and for that I will always be grateful to Dr. Arbit and his staff. I recommend this office to anyone at any age who is considering getting braces. Dr. Arbit will give you a perfect smile as well as a lifelong friendship. Thank you so much, everyone, for everything!”

Kimberly Poe

“At the start of getting braces on, I would never smile. Dr. Arbit assured me that I would have a great smile in no time. He was caring, efficient, understanding, and determined to give me a perfect smile. As treatment went on, my self-esteem increased and I found myself smiling all the time. People now say to me, ‘You have a beautiful smile.’ I owe that to Dr. Arbit! In addition, the staff remembered very important events in my life. Job promotions and the sudden health challenge of my dad. I would highly suggest that if you’re looking for an orthodontist, you should go to Dr. Arbit. He’s made my life so much brighter! All smiles!”

Belvia Hall

“My journey started when I told my dentist that I was not happy with the appearance of my teeth. He then gave me Dr. Arbit’s number. I was nervous, scared, and embarrassed. They assured me that I was not the only person 50 years of age with braces. So after a long journey with Dr. Arbit and his wonderful staff, my braces are off. I am so very pleased with the result. Thank you so very much to Dr. Arbit and his staff.”

Al Rosman

“I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my experience and decision to get braces and orthodontic services from Dr. Arbit’s team. At age 52, Dr. Arbit applied braces. It’s never too late in life to do the right thing to benefit your image and your health. It’s now two years later, and at age 54, the braces are off. Today, I truly enjoy showing my smile. It was worth the investment and the time. I had an under-bite plus crooked teeth. Today, they are straight and look very natural. I weighed the benefits of covering my teeth cosmetically, versus addressing the fundamental problem ... straightening the teeth I had. Further, I’m finding additional health benefits in my jaw and reducing wear on my teeth as a result of the orthodontic procedure. There was never any pain or discomfort, which was surprising. To any adult considering this opportunity, I don’t think it’s ever too late, and it’s worth the investment in yourself. You’ll tell yourself you should have done it sooner. Dr. Arbit and staff made it a very pleasant experience.”

Becky Wooley (mom wrote)

Thank you Dr Arbit and your wonderful staff! I am so pleased with Aidan’s progress with his teeth and so happy with the improvement in his speech. His speech therapist at school was so impressed with the improvement in his bite and his improvement making sounds. I have complete confidence in you and am so appreciative of all your hard work to correct Aidan’s teeth. The friendliness and thoroughness of you and your staff is truly a blessing to our family. You are dedicated and love what you do — and it shows — and makes a huge impact!”

Theresa Golubski

“His level of perfection, scientific and artistic vision yields amazing results for all of his patients. All employees are highly professional, courteous, and supportive of the patient through their progressive orthodontic therapy.”

Camille Riedijk (mom wrote)

“Dr. Arbit really relates to the kids as well as adults. He and his staff are always upbeat, chipper, and ready to help. It’s a pleasure to be in his office. The coffee is nice for early-morning appointments.”

Sean Puffer (mom wrote)

“Both child- and parent-friendly atmosphere. Dedicated staff who listen very well. Great customer service, and conscious effort to protect privacy with financial, personal information.”

Lynn Fitzsimmons

“I cannot say enough good words about Dr. Scott Arbit and his staff. Dr. Arbit is not only an outstanding orthodontist, but he is also a very personable, warm, and caring man. If I ever had a problem or concern, he took the time to make sure that it was taken care of. He is a perfectionist and willing to go the extra mile. Dr. Arbit is a good leader and role model to his staff, who are also committed to excellence.”

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